Energía Solar Sal, SA de CV

"Saving Energy this Day and the Future"
"Ahorrando Energía este Día y el Futuro"

100% Solar Air Conditioning 

How it Work? 100% Off Grid 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner.

This most recent innovation in stand alone power saving, operates 100% Off Grid, providing the ultimate energy savings with cost effective clean green solar air conditioning comfort. Powered all Electric Appliances ‘s 100% Off Grid operates by using a combination of solar power and battery storage, effectively reducing operating costs by 100% during the day and night.

Eco-friendly 100% Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning

Off Grid DC48V solar air conditioner is ideal for places with power shortage conditions, particularly for remote telecom station, house, motor homes, remote locations, load shedding places, boating and island locations. As the latest Air Conditioning Solar technology, this DC48V solar air conditioner will enable using 100% power from solar.

100% Efficiency with Solar Air Conditioning

International Quality Certifications

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