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"Saving Energy this Day and the Future"
"Ahorrando Energía este Día y el Futuro"

On Grid Solar

On Grid PV systems are ideally suited for homeowners who want to save money, lower their carbon footprint, and reduce or eliminate their electric bill. On Grid systems are the most cost effective and most simplified solar energy systems on the market today. Most of our clients are able to get a return on investment in under 5 years. 

With a comprehensive warranty package and expected lifetime of over 25 years, On-Grid PV Systems add great value to any home.

The most cost-effective and easy-to-use solar powered PV systems for residential homes and properties. Ideally suited for domestic purposes and delivered in an install ready format that will adjust to any roof or grid type.

On-Grid Commercial

Offer business owners the ability to save money by reducing electricity costs whilst simultaneously promoting their brand(s) commitment to the environment and enhancing their corporate social responsibility. With growing government policies and favorable initiatives towards the adoption of renewable energy for businesses, commercial PV systems have become an increasingly attractive investment opportunity for many different industries.

On-grid PV systems is the most cost-effective type of PV system on the market today. They can provide system owners with over 25 years of electricity generation and often pay themselves back in under 5 years. Businesses engaging in solar projects are able to both depreciate financial contributions from their solar PV system assets and increasing the return on investment ROI and enjoying added marketing benefit from a highly visible solar landmark.

Off Grid Solar 

Designed for easy installation and low maintenance. Off Grid solar systems are noiseless, produce zero emissions, and offer grid independence. Unlike standard On-Grid PV Systems which will not provide electricity to your house during a power outage due to safety regulations (anti-islanding), Helios off grid solar PV systems function totally isolated from the utility grid. Our off-grid systems provide power from solar panels and can work in conjunction with a backup generator for charging batteries or when power is in high demand.

Stand-alone solar panel systems are independent from any utility connection and are designed to deliver power in remote areas when the grid is not available. Whether you’re using an Off-Grid solar PV system for your place of business or residence, Off Grid solar kits are an ideal PV solution for those looking for a renewable energy generation system.

Our Main Objective is Savings for our Customers

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