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"Saving Energy this Day and the Future"
"Ahorrando Energía este Día y el Futuro"

Solar water pumping 


Comprising of a specialized pump controller and carefully matched pumps. PS2 has eight sensor inputs that allow analogue and digital sensors to be connected. 

  • This combination of sensors with the powerful inbuilt software applications allows for full pump control and water specific applications.
  • The system also has an inbuilt Sun Sensor which measures the available irradiation and then makes decisions of what to do based on the available power. 
  • The SunSensor also avoids unnecessary stop start cycles which increase pump wear.

Solar Panels and Controllers

Designed for off grid use

We offer our own range of competitively priced modules in size ranges that fit the off-grid environment perfectly. 

The range of modules are used in a wide range of applications including water pumping, water purification systems and anywhere that a reliable, robust PV module is required.

Our systems must work first time

When we are installing a product 30 hours away from your workshop, in a desert, on a mountainside, in a jungle or “just” on the other side of a ranch then you need to know that it works out of the box.

Every single pump system is tested for around 90 minutes before it is packed. We do a mixture of in-process automated testing combined with real testing of every pump system. Every motor and pump is run in water and measured before delivery.

Designing for off grid

We are 100% focus on designing and building solar water pumps and have been doing so for over 5 years. 

  • Our products are almost always installed in the most remote and harshest off-grid environments.

  • Designing products for off-grid use is in our DNA and means that the engineering priorities are different from our competitors.

International Quality Certifications

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